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Time to move on
Shadow, I’m sorry. That’s rough going for you, hopefully not for your parents.

And Snik, im so sorry I missed all of this. You’ve had it all dumped on you, haven’t you? So very sorry. I do hope that things can go well with your dad and daughter, and that you can hit the road and relax a bit. All very best to you and your family.
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I can’t hit the road just yet except for a few days at a time. We will be doing the driveway thing for a while. I have POA so pretty much have to be there for medical stuff and I have to babysit kiddos every Thursday for 2 hours. We have a lot of stuff to deal with, too.

Dad is settling in with my daughter and happy as a clam. He has his own digs and the highlight is his own kitchen with a fridge. Hurray IKEA! He thinks he’s independent. He finally discovered tube last night.
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  • heron (03-23-2018)
It's really nice that you and your family are adapting to HIS needs, rather than forcing him to live in some horrible place like so many 'kids' do.

I hope you can hit the road soon, and think about other things.
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My daughter and family had to make some adjustments to accommodate Dad. The heat went from 65 to 75. Family adjustment to heat hike - OFF went the boy’s shirts... and one 4 year old shirtless with short pink hair, pink boots, camouflage pants, and some pink beads named Emma. My daughter said the looks on the hospice social worker and Chaplin’s faces were priceless when they were trying to figure out Emma. She just does what the brothers do. Dad has enjoyed a wider variety of diet and he gets his favorite - dessert! I couldn’t give him much of that but with 7 kids they go through stuff a lot faster than when it was 3 old people. He gets a captive audience for his story telling. My daughter has a 3 person swing in the living room which he claimed. Then he gets a kid sharing it. Some times the pink kid curls up with a blanket and a couple dolls. He’s been smiling a lot and doing what the nazi tells him to do. My daughter can get him to do a lot more than I can get him to do. She has managed to get him to perk up. He will never get any better but hopefully he will have some really happy last days. He has congestive heart issues. We made him a little kitchen out of the IKEA kitchen a small refrigerator and a microwave. We haven’t hooked up a sink though. He loves the idea that he is somewhat independent. He only can cook cream of wheat, toast and orange juice. Dad also discovered YouTube has Lawrence Welk and old football game rerun clips. I tried but a 32 inch screen beats an iPad....
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I think you did the absolute right thing (we won't count that against your "Ain't Right" cred's) and his days are now filled with happiness , kid style........Good Job there miss nazi ! Angel
Stay Tuned

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That’s a happy solution and ending.

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Hey, I’m not a very good nazi but my daughter is... I’m hoping none of the fierce little tribe let leak to the social worker ‘grandma lives in that van next door’ or ‘there is a raccoon living in our chimney and he came out last night and momma chased him out the door with a broom’ or ‘thanks for that potty you sent - it’s nice having an extra potty up stairs’... it’s the internet, I won’t go on.... well alright... it is obvious that someone needs to paint the back door paint and cover where we covered where vandals wrote ‘fuck you’ a couple years ago. Should have left it but kids can read and are in school... Who said any neighborhood in Indianapolis was any good? We got out of my parent’s sticks and a few bricks a couple nights ago and we are parked in our own mud filled driveway next to our own pile of sticks and bricks full of junk.... - no WiFi... wah... I’m usually next door taking care of kids or Dad in one way or another. I can’t imagine he is going to beat hospice a second time. He is supposed to be on oxygen 27/7 but he yanks it off in his sleep, then gets up and nearly falls. One night he was threatening the oxygen machine with a screw driver he found somewhere - he just doesn’t have the strength to follow through with said threat.

This will be some sort of ain’t right van build maybe? Put nothing but beds in and leave when the van is half full of stuff?
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  • heron (03-23-2018)
(02-21-2018, 04:46 AM)Snikwahjm Wrote: This will be some sort of ain’t right van build maybe? Put nothing but beds in and leave when the van is half full of stuff?

More than one person started living like that. 

I would comment on this thread, but the memory of how the wealthiest members of the family looted the estate, as well as how my mother was treated.  

I am extremely happy that you do not have that problem.
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  • Snikwahjm (05-07-2018)
I am looting but sentimental only. My sister flys in tonight from her vacation in Cancun or where ever it was.... I’m considering throwing a mattress in my Honda FIT and extra clothes in case I soil myself and a jar of peanut butter and bye bye until she starts her new high pay job. As far as she is concerned I’m too sick to clean out anything else - she can get a dumpster.... except for the good China, silver and crystal stuff.... don’t need it myself. She can have it and be happy. I got some interesting stuff for myself..... if she thought of it she would be steamed I betcha..... I’ve been looking at it for 3 years...
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  • AbuelaLoca (02-21-2018)
(02-21-2018, 04:46 AM)Snikwahjm Wrote: Hey, I’m not a very good nazi...

You sound like a great human. That's really neat. Glad to hear you make a shitty Nazi too! We have stuff in common.  8-)
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  • heron (03-23-2018)

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