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Old Pictures
We used old photos for my mom’s funeral which was today. After we made the video I found more. If only we knew who all those people were...
I went through old videos and photos when I moved mom to asst living.
(She couldn't remember who most of the people were.....)
I digitized them all and bought her a digital picture frame  .
and yes , before any smart remarks from the peanut gallery , she did remember who I was ! Wink
Stay Tuned

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  • Justacarsofar (02-09-2018)
Great photos Gary, you are so lucky to have them. A real look into the past. My great grandpa died several years before I was born also. He was in the Spanish American war or whatever that war was in Asia before the turn of the century, 1890 something. I have no photos, but my daughter has his uniform.
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  • Justacarsofar (02-09-2018)
I've been going through some family photos lately. It's amazing that they didn't indicate who many of the people were. Some are labeled, so I'm laying them on a table and trying to match up the faces, and then marking them. Then I'll send some to my cousin and see if she can ID any of them; she's older than I am, and is from a part of the family that we didn't see very often. I'm discovering how weird both sides of the family are, but I'm not surprised.
post them if you got them,for most people it's the only evidence they where here
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