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John and I got back from Algodones last night after a two day trip for meds and dental. Several of us went down and we all had good experiences in Mexico.

Everything was tailored to the American needs and there must have been fifty dental clinics and numerous pharmacies.

A cleaning was a mere $30 but John needed extensive dental work. He got a bridge and cleaning and several cavities filled for about $1000. He still needs a couple of implants which are going to be $1200 each. Compared to the $10,000 my mom spent on a bridge I think we won big time. We will be going back next month so the costs are split up.

I bought heart medicine for my mother. With her insurance she is paying about $300 a month just for the one medicine. We were able to take that cost down to $10 a month!!! Hard to imagine...

We bought Albuterol inhalers for $2 each and I bought Amoxicillin for $6 per hundred. There were a few other purchases but I can't recall off hand exactly what the costs were.

If you call there will be someone to meet you at the border and bring you directly to the office.

[Image: 5452c799b31291f7b2e3c80dc613c2a7.jpg]
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