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The RTR and "those" rubber tramps
I had a large reply written up. Then went outside to the fire in my non RTR (trademarked letters) spontaneous gathering and let it go.

Stop whining and realize that if you are not happy, you are in the wrong place. I saw miles of empty desert out here.
Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right. Isaac Asimov
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Got Smart said...
"If you're not happy , you're in the wrong place."

Gunny said...
"Choose your friends wisely."

Popeye said...
"There are lots of asses out there , but you have to wade through them (wherever they are) to find those that are worthy of being a friend."

There are many friends here on this forum but we had to wade through CRVL to find them.
And if it wasn't for CRVL this forum wouldn't exist.

I'm pretty happy the way this turned out............... Cool

Young Mr.VanZandt...
"How 'bout you ?"
Stay Tuned

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  • heron (02-18-2018)
Well...the experience over in Ehrenberg last December was wonderful. The community sense was strong, and I became spoiled

Does make you wonder what the heck was done to or near that guy that his reaction is so strong!!

So, moving on from all that. Just going to avoid that crowd.

Down to Yuma then Mexican Baja


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