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A gentle tapping perhaps more rapping Started flapping on my bedroom door. Pulled very indelicately From my slumber at 3 AM I began to wonder what the hell was tapping and rapping On my mobile bedroom door. Then I remembered I had bungee corded my easy up to the roof rack loosely in order for it to act as a wind alarm and wake me up. The tapping was the spongy and I was happy that my little alarm woke me up before the Highwinds destroyed my easy up. I slipped my shorts on and folded my way out of the truck to find very Highwinds indeed. However a morning ritual would get in the way. 

 Being that Mr. dumper is blind he didnt know it was 3 Am. Stirred from sleep he was eger to go to work.  There was no denying this morning eager beaver and so in a windstorm here in the desert at renegade camp I place myself indelicately on the throne. The winds buffeted my little pop-up outhouse surging through the door carrying on to the darkness that awaited it beyond the wash.  One surge too strong and my privacy was gone and then I sat in the dark white toilet paper in hand. They say the job is not done until the paperwork is finished so mustering as much decency and balance as I could I completed said morning ritual 

 I retrieved my battered commode and placed my cooler on it’s flapping wrapping. I then disconnected my alarm bungee  started the truck and moved it into a position to act as a windbreak then I dropped the legs on the easy up making it less like a sail and climbed back into bed bowed but not broken. I had not wanted to awaken the camp counselor leveling truck so a nasty incline had to be addressed I positioned pillows to make my sleep a little more comfortable Dignity lost but glad my alarm worked
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Good morning, sunshine!
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Next time the wind is going to blow I'll set my alarm and have my camera ready

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I saw Serenity's ARB had collapsed too. I thought about walking over and rolling it up but then...It was bloody cold so would have been significantly less than spectacular. Think button on a sports coat. But two moons in the desert might make a good picture.

add to list Orca fat track pants so easy in and easy out.

John supplied a stove for coffee as I contemplated hari cari as my alcohol cooker failed to light, out of gas, without coffee the future was looking less than bright.
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