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2000 Ford E350 15 Passenger Van Build
I never noticed his accent at all !
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  • S Cello (11-15-2018)
Another month passes and some things get done on the van. I picked up a dog ramp,

so Spottie can get in and out of the van. I got a new propane stove because something got plugged up in my 30 year old one and that last pot of coffee I cooked at Alabama Hills took an honest HOUR to cook!

Spottie slips around on the smooth floor when I drive so my sister gave me some left over carpet to put down in Spotties little area.

My daughter Jen got me a nice back=up camera that I will need to install in a few months when I install the little A/C in the rear window.

I got the new brake pads installed all around, got the van smogged and re-registered today.

I have been rearranging the kitchen plates, pots, pans, food and utensils to make the everyday stuff more accessible.

I hope to see many of you-all around the first of the year over around Quartzite!~!
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  • Blanch (12-14-2018), rvpopeye (12-14-2018)
I have the same Coleman. I like it. I did find that it Doesn't work well with small diameter pans. They want to tip over due to the gap between the supports at the center. Check your cookware.
See you in Q Steve! And yay Spotty having a ramp!!!

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