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Keeping water pump above freezing
So I have two appliances in the cargo box behind my rig that can't get below freezing- an Eccotemp propane water heater and a Shurflo water pump.  I bought two 12v heater fans and put each in front of each appliance and it worked alright for most of last weekend, but it started reading 90 degrees in the cargo box and the wires were getting hot. Of course they eventually died halfway through the night.  It got down to 25.  Thankfully the appliances somehow survived.  They're hard to access so I can't really wrap pipe heater coil around them, which I presume is the 'right' way to winterize, so does anyone have any ideas of something more reliable than heater fans?  Maybe a 12v cushion seat heater that I could just squish up against them?
It obviously would have worked with just one heater on low. 

We always used a low wattage light to keep the pumps from freezing
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the best winterizing is to drain the system and/or add antifreeze

you just need to keep above freezing so one of those heaters in the middle with the doors to the pump ect. open would do or if they are both in the same small enclosed area a light bulb should be fine for in the 20's
and then there is the wire wrap pipe heaters
Ultraheat makes a product that is automatic temperature controlled. Easy retrofit!

Bulbs and the like work ok but Murphy is an Irishman, like me, and it will fail at the worst time.
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