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What a day.
I awake from a very pleasant dream to a pain in my upper back. Thinking I slept wrong I move carefully. It's funny how at 52 one finds themselves moving carefully while lying prone in five inches of memory foam. The pain chases the dream of campfire discussions away and extends around my side. Great Shingles. The stress of the past month has decided to bless me with a gift. The pain is bad enough I look in the full-length mirror expecting to see a mile and a half worth of road rash. Nothing. The gift is hidden and deep, and all my own. Awesome! 

I guess if you need to be plagued by disease Gout and Shingles (from Stress) are minor in the large scope of things. Apart from the; "Hey Covey the 1800's called and they want their disease back!"  

Pain is the only sure sign you are alive. So It was with a little teeth-gritting taking my shower. Cloths would be a great option today but I need to get ready for the drive south to RTR. 

Step one is getting the 1999 Nissan Pathfinder R50 out of the barn. It has been cloistered for four years, and lays like antediluvian awaiting resurrection. A group 27 battery is too big for the stock tray but it will fit with the try discarded. But important things first. 


Then dressing with stark amazement that a cotton T could feel like a horsehair blanket on sunburnt flesh. 

The seatbelts location is perfect for continued stimulation under the right pec muscle. 

Being without wheels I have brought a friend to drive. The mist parts across the lonely country road as we rush headlong towards the sleeping leviathan. It has been four long years since we have seen each other. How will the meeting go? Jocularity and jubilation or ruin and stagnation. 

Her clear white eyes have turned green with jealousy borne from being abandoned. She has grown heavy with her burden and despair sinking low on her footing. I lift her bonnet and reach delicately into areas untouched for years. Gently I unbutton her fasteners and smile at the spark.

She hesitates and I give her inches. She roars with the dirty, stale fluid caught in her systems. 

She purrs.

I slip her into something a little more comfortable. 


She lurches past her awkwardness and pushes hard. Grabbing second she wobbles and feels unsure of herself. I check her 4W-drive and a clicking stops our dance of reunion. 

Brakes are seized, Front half shafts are toast, and the tires are more D's the ovals. 

To the spa my mature lovely lady. I shall order you a limo-lift to spirit you to pampering. Forgive my transgressions, my sultry mistress, I shall pay to have them erased. 

$2000 later and I shall have my chariot before the new year comes. 

$1300 for insurance makes us legal.  

Cue music

"South Bound and down.
Rolling out and trucking and we're gonna do what they say can't be done.
I got a long way to go and a short time to get there..." I am southbound so watch the beastmaster run!! 

Now about this PAIN thing...
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There's ALways something worse, but my understanding is that shingles are right up there with the best of 'em for stopping you dead in your tracks. Gout, on the other hand, according to all I've read, is the result of sitting around a huge table with bawdy women on your lap feeding you grapes and pouring brandy down your throat, as you gnaw on dripping chunks of charred meat. Sounds way more attractive.
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My momma suffers shingles, as have many of my past clientele. Seems to be a rather annoying malady. I am sorry to hear of your troubles today. But ya know what they say???
Some days suck Smile
You, sir, need some herbal remedies.

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Happy Trails!
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Gout is terrible.
It runs in families.
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Thanks, everyone.

Genetics plays a roll in so many diseases. Luckily stress gives me shingles and my lavish, at times, lifestyle gives me gout. Both serve as reminders to slow the roll! Heart disease and the other stuff brought on by stress seems to be immune to me. Seeing my Mom today for the first time in three years!!! Great Christmas present for both of us! Enjoy this day my peeps, however, you celebrate and know each of you is in my thoughts with LOVE.

Smoke a bowl for me Bleep and I look forward to providing cover for your activities with a Cuban cigar soon. I can not smoke the herb as it makes me paranoid and kicks in the defence systems. Both of which I don't need or like. But I do enjoy the scent of some good skunk!

LOVE, HUGS, and Russian style kisses to all
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