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Christmas, Holidays, or Just Winter Festival
(12-14-2017, 02:39 AM)Snikwahjm Wrote: She went in and looked and came out. She says PINK tree??? Well yes it is pink... then she shook her head and said pink CHRISTMAS tree??? I said I left it for her to decorate and she could touch it. I had a bunch of little angels for her to decorate it and she very tenderly decorated the crooked little pink tree. It sure did make both of our days. There are some blue lights but I thought I’d wait until she comes back and tell her we should take off the angels and put on blue lights then put the angels back on. How about you?

OH BOY !!!!! Tomorrow Q and I WILL RESCUE OUR PINK TREE!!!!   Big Grin  I EVEN KNOW WHAT STORAGE UNIT IT'S IN....I THINK.   THIS IS THE 2ND TIME I'VE RESCUED THIS LITTLE TREE.  Right after my first Christmas here in AL back in 2010 while driving down the road I spied something Pepto Bismol Pink laying on the curb.   A Tree!  Big Grin  I found a Pink Christmas Tree!  Who'd a thunk it??  IT "LIVED" IN MY BEDROOM UNTIL LAST YEAR.

Growing up I'd beg for a silver aluminum tree.  NO GO.  How about a white one?   NOPE  

When I was almost 40 I bought my first home by myself up in SD.  No parents or husband involved.  I relocated up there from TX.   Then I found IT at a farm auction.  My deprived childs heart skipped a beat!  I high bid on a 6ft aluminum tree AND a color wheel.  I yelled at Dammit the Cat so much that Dec. he'd probably be afraid to approach a silver gum wrapper.

  Smile Right now is the first time I've smiled about anything to do with this years Holiday Season.

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Growing up my family made a big deal of Christmas. They still do.

I like the idea of being a bit festive, having an excuse to get together with loved ones and do something special.

But most years it just feels like a big ball of stress and I'm glad when it's over. Maybe someday it will no longer seam that way.
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I love the Christmas season for the lights and the music.

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My first Christmas on the road I was house sitting for my ex in laws. I picked up some KFC the night before and Tigger and I had a nice quiet day. No calls, stress, tree or presents.

That was nice.

This year will be even better. Camilla and I will enjoy it together.
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(12-15-2017, 06:49 AM)GotSmart Wrote: My first Christmas on the road I was house sitting for my ex in laws. I picked up some KFC the night before and Tigger and I had a nice quiet day. No calls, stress, tree or presents.

That was nice.

This year will be even better.  Camilla and I will enjoy it together.

My friend nothing says love more than when the indentured surf brings home KFC and spends the evening massaging the fur. Tigger was in heaven. 

flexibility and being in the moment. Seeing it as the reality it is. Russians don't celebrate the same way. 24 and 25 are regular days. I still had my Christmas even if everyone else in the room had no idea of the significance of the day to me. Reflecting on those near and far and the joy and love they bring regardless of their physical location on the planet. 

If a Jolly Fat man can deliver presents around the world in an evening, I can sense my Mom watching snow fall 5000 miles away; Right? It is a magical time. 

A pink tree brings such real joy
A person reflects on their spiritual belief and separates it from the traditional behaviour 
Another remembers a simpler time
One loves the lights and the music

All of this is LOVE! 

Thanks for sharing!
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I love the awe of small children who still believe in Santa! It does remind me of my own childhood holidays! My mom made it magical and I've thanked her many times over the years! While I tried to give that same magic to my own kids, they never believed like me! My saying was, "If you don't believe, you don't receive!" They humored me!! Santa was a Spirit of love and kindness and humanity to my kids, not a literal man in red. And in spite of my love of Christmas, we also learned and celebrated Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Any excuse to party worked for me! Wink
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