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I'm moving SLOWLY
  Smile Me too....What Snik Said.

I recently realized that due to my aggravation/frustration mode with just my life its self that I have been beating myself up mentally, emoitionally, and physically for well  over a year.  That ain't a good thing and sometimes it hurts like hell  Sad

Like this last Friday which was the 1st day in over 2mo I could open the slider door without worrying about the window collapsing at my feet in thousands & thousands of pieces,  SO off to town I went...and went.....and went.
So I was the DRs at 11am, the shop at 12pm for a looksee at the Safari, then next door to 2 thrift stores without moving the van.  A trip to the credit union, Mexican food in the next town and a Grocery Outlet store.  10 miles back home and then a trip to Publix, $ Tree, Wal Mart and home about 10:30 pm.  Then unload the van with Queenies help, feed her cats, take food out of the ice chest and put it up.  Sit down about 3am to rest and take meds and watch a movie on free Tubi on my tablet.  Wake up about 11am on Saturday sitting up in bed with my glasses on with no idea of what day it was.  Queenie woke me up so she could go outside.

I had forgotten something........... on Thursday nite at 11pm my neighbor called and woke me up to tell me AGAIN that someone is behind our building and "I Have Called The Police....I wanted you to know".  These calls don't usually bother me because I'm awake most of the night and she is 75ys old, very frail, seems to live in constant fear and only comes out of her apt. to go somewhere.

  I've been encouraging her to apply to a different complex.  One that is nicer and quieter.  I've even offered to tow a uhaul trailer with my van for her. She has a grown son and some church friends that would help her move.  She will not consider it because those apts are "too small"........where would I put my stuff?  

I've told her it was up to her.  We have also discussed my down sizing so I can move around with more freedom and less rules.  She seems to understand what I'm doing and that it's not easy.  However I think at times we need to make tough decisions while we still can follow through with them.  I've been telling her since before my Mom passed away in June that I'm outta here as soon as I get everything done that I want to or need to do in AL.   Cuz I may not be back.....ever.

It's taken me 'til Sunday afternoon to get over Friday............I think my batteries have been overly discharged too many times and need replacing.....or maybe time for a true recharge between uses  Big Grin

                           My Heart Is Good............But Oh This Mouth
                              I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
                                            I AIN'T DONE ......YET
Dang Jewellen, that’s a hell of a schedule! Get rid of everything and get outta there!

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Yeah, like cammalu says, pull an Angela Basset move (from Waiting to Exhale), throw and match and walk away!

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