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Looks like I have adopted a dog.
Her owner's were never her masters, and tonight I got the text asking me if I wanted her, or they were going to give her to a family that wanted her.

Breaks my heart, Such a sweet, smart, well meaning, but confused dog.  They were never able to form any connection with her. Not sure if that was my fault as I played with her since she was a puppy and did form a bond with her. Their marriage is dissolving, Some weird vibes over there, and I've recently  kept some significant distance, after getting too close. 

The dog was a very distant last place in terms of care, but no more.

I can occassionally keep her at her former house when required, and I guess the 'other' family can take her if it does not work out, but I love this dog.

Here is Fiona, the purebred lowland Polish Sheepdog, who will be getting a trim and a bath tomorrow.

This is an older pic from when I took care of her this summer for 6 weeks:
[Image: 20170709_234354.jpg]

Hopefully she adjusts quickly.  She has had a lot of freedom/neglect since her owners did not much care, but I will require some obedience and she will not be roaming the area as freely as before.

[Image: 20170722_154136.jpg]
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Smile  She's not only gorgeous....she stole my hairdo as well.  You know you want her.  As you said you bonded with her already.  She'll need help to adjust of course.  If you are patient enough you will be rewarded I'm sure.

Some days Queenie is the only "person" I want to talk to.

Good Luck

Jewellann and the Queenie Dawg
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Aw. Thanks for taking her.

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Thanks, I would be heartbroken if they just gave her away, She has been a good friend and besides the Pacific ocean, the only source of Love I got in California.

She is also kind of a babe magnet, at least when she is clean and fluffy, and I guess I appear much less threatening with a fluffy goofy obiedient dog at my side.
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Yes, nice dogs are certainly babe magnets lol

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Awwwww SW....
What an adorable doggie.
Good on you for giving her a home with love. You will be rewarded ten fold, and yes indeed, chicks love dogs, especially super cute ones like that.
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Good on you for taking her. They say having a pet will lower your blood pressure and I could use that.

Will you teach her to surf, or at least ride a skateboard?   "Flying Fiona", YouTube star.

I get a kick out of seeing the bulldog that scoots around on a skateboard.

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When I have taken her to the beach with her ball, and the ball rolled near the waves lapping shore, she did not charge into the water for the ball but looked back helplessly at me and only grabbed the ball once the wave receded.

So no, surfing is not in her future. She has a wise healthy fear of the ocean, and her fur takes forever to dry.

I did not sleep well, I have a lot of anxiety about this decision. Ive been so good at avoiding responsibility my whole life.
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Sometimes you have no choice, and responsibility is thrust upon you. For you, it's name is Fiona.

Just think:
* They're always glad to see you.
* She can't talk back or argue with you.
* They lower your stress levels and blood pressure.
* They ease social isolation.
* They're almost always free to go for a walk or ride, and don't care about the destination.
* They can be taught useful things.
* They aren't always wanting you to buy things for them.

How can this be a Bad Thing?
Congrats on the new four legged friend! I adopted a dog 18 months ago, give or take and although he took to me immediately, I gotta say i'm surprised as his continual transformation, he just keeps getting better and better and the bond grows and grows. He had lots of issues when I got him, aggressiveness towards people and other dogs, wary of strangers, wouldn't come when called, we are past all those problems and then some, now he's not even aggressive when another dog is aggressive with him, they really have to stay on him and push everyone of his last buttons before he'll respond with aggression of his own.

Life is simply better with a dog, there are no other souls on Earth who will love so unconditionally, not even humans.

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