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Wild Willy’s Hot Springs Camping - HWY 395 Mammoth
This has been a favorite place since 1979 for me. There is a pull through camping spot, free 14 day, near the end of the dirt road and just before the parking lot. I’ve given a few folks directions to this spot and no one has ever disliked it.

The hot springs are alkaline and I’ve always felt a health benefit from a soak. The mud also helps stop the itch from big bites if you have any. It’s around 100 degrees in the tubs and feels great.
[Image: d0502b97115c7ac3b1c6a39494167ff0.jpg]
Here is a view from the biggest spring.
[Image: 55661fcb21e659034cbea7aac3c6746b.jpg]
And here is the obligatory soaking toes picture!

This is a seasonal area and is closed in winter, unless you want to cross country ski in after a snow.

The GPS coordinates are
37.661071, -118.767816.
From Hwy 395 you turn onto Benton Crossing Rd. Drive about 3 miles and immediately after the third cattle crossing turn right. It’s a 1.4 mile one lane dirt road to the camping spot and parking lot.
[Image: 8a96cd18175e16edb1514adc4a504699.jpg]
A wooden path that turns to gravel takes you to the springs. [Image: 7d1013ee413ff28120bc24cc19c1c95b.jpg]
Gravel path and amazing view.
[Image: 212e3d653330ff70dfa2ce727b436b32.jpg]
[Image: e7c7e2e78481c847b04e8da1d7e4f6f0.jpg]
It has all these cool dragon flies and butterflies!
[Image: 7e4f046be76142103529f4d99c09844d.jpg]
It is a designated clothing optional area, so you may experience some nudity. After dark it can be a bit of a party spot, but I have never had a problem. Hot Springs are very popular with Europeans so often it has some non-English speakers here.

This is always part of my Eastern Sierra summer plans and I visit often. The camping site is nice and not always occupied, today no one was there. The camping would be better suited to folks in vans but I have seen travel trailers camped there as well.

About 7,000 foot elevation. Fantastic summer weather. Everyone has always been nice and friendly.

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I love the toe picture. I could use a soak there right now.
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Thank you Blanch for this recommendation.
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Toes . Funny as usual Blanch. Looks like a great spot.
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Thanks Blanch. I’ve been pining to see the Sierras and am inspired more than ever. Next year I plan to head South much earlier than October.
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Wow. Nice.
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