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Love on the Road
Well all it took was one lonely invite to heartfelt hug......and one first kiss...….

Paulette ….AKA Moontiger…..has joined Doug in the Transit van …...We never expected this !!!!!

Remodeling has commenced...…..passenger seat replaces the cat stroller......New cat structures have been built

A larger bed has been installed.....Yahoooooo

Expect Yogurt and Fruit for the Breakfast menu at YARC camp 2019...…..No EGGS for You !!!!!

In the Oregon forest at the moment but will soon visit BLANCH camp...………….Paulette and doug
PAULETTE and "Two Cats and THE DOUG"

Whereabouts unknown...……...
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Have fun! 8-)
no eggs!!! that enough of her,well,runny unborn chickens is kinda weird but there is a lot of good eating eggs,vitamins and such

best of luck to you kids
And to think, it started in the back seat of her Neon.
Congrats to the both of you on finding each other.

There needs to finally be a responsible person in that van to keep Blackie from escaping.
Wonderful! Congratulations.
Anybody looking for a rig ???
Looks like Doug is gonna be lookin' for something bigger,,,,,,,,
Skuh kuh kuh kuh
Stay Tuned

Weirdo Overlord  YARC 
15 "Stinkin'Badges"  a "Full Monty Badge" 2 "Just Ignore Me" clusters  10 "Pine Cone" clusters  , one "Stinkin' Badger" and 7 of the coveted "Flying Manure Spreader"awards
(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

#8 the 2 of ya can get into trouble on the road together Smile Smile cool
How lucky can one guy be 
I kissed her and she kissed me 
Like the fellow once said 
Ain’t that a kick in the head.  

That first kiss can be a real whammy.  Heart

See you lucky ones at camp   Cool
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated 
the butterflies in the tummy are cool when ya see that person and just get all feeling when ya get that!

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