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Dispersed camping woes
Some people dislike landfills.  There will be trash and poop.  Either contain it to decompose over as many decades as it takes or disperse the trash and poop for everyone to enjoy.
Say good night, Dick.
In Colorado I had to watch the dogs on a walk because as soon as we got past the tree line we would start seeing TP and crap. In Ehrenberg I saw a cat hole that the wind had removed the looser dirt covering a plastic bag. Pretty sad considering that the Laundry dumpster is just across the overpass. One of the arguments that I have heard for composting toilets is that the waste is compost and that it can just be dumped instead of disposed of. It's all disgusting.

The sad thing is that these same people would have a fit over unpicked up dog crap. They do not want to see others trash but theirs is special only because they know where not to go and look. The rest of us are not so lucky.
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