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Hot water in a jar?
Still thinking about hot water...
Having just one gallon of hot water available in camp could be handy for many things.  

You know those one-gallon jars that you fill with water and stick in the fridge in summer, with the push-button dispenser?

I am wondering how well it would work if you spray-painted the outside flat black, filled it with water, and set it in the sun?
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  • Kaylee (05-15-2019)
I use to put a black coffee pot in front of a wash basin for dish water and general washing up. It worked after a while but not like the solar ovens do.
I use a couple of square black kitty liter buckets, put them in the sun in the morning and have a nice warm shower using a kitchen pot, when I get back after work. It doesn’t get boiling hot but makes it hot enough for a comfortable shower.
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  • Texjbird (05-11-2019)
If it only gets warm you could add a little boiling water to it when you need it.

TC, do you mean the kind of jars for iced tea?
anything black out in the sun will warm a bit, but HOT water? I would do it and see what level of how hot ya get and try it out. Should be warm, how hot, not sure but test it out. The little spigot type container would be ideal I think. Paint black would make it a lot hotter definitely. Go for it
My nephew has a black painted pipe tank on his VW roof and says he can take a shower but some times it gets too hot.

Has anybody experimented with a mason jar full of water behind a black cloth or on the sunny dash compared to reflectix behind the jar on the dash?
Clear jugs make sun tea. I used to use those black plastic shower bags & they got too hot on sunny days, should work fine.
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I toss 1/2 litre water bottles on the dashboard...…...a couple make a nice HOT shampoo and rinse
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Snik, yes.  Some people use them for tea, Koolaid and water.  Handy when you have younger kids who have a Spill Mania.

And I wasn't meaning hot/boiling water, just warm enough for washing.

Maybe I can find one used. if
I once took a shower using water in a 100' garden hose that had been left out in the sun....
I always wanted to try a piece of big PVC pipe on the roof painted black method , but anything painted black would probably work fine for heating any liquid (even air) .

I might choose plastic instead of glass for durability reason only..

Definitely glass for sun tea though.
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