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Anyone in contact with BradKW?
He hasn’t been over there since last year. Had a couple of questions for him but no luck finding him.
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  • BradKW (05-09-2019)
A PM should send him an email notification but you probably tried that. Otherwise, no I haven't.

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You know, I didn’t try that, thanks. I have all notifications shut off so I forget about those.
i just sent him an email
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  • Queen (05-09-2019)
and I texted him...……….he'll get here in a minute...…………………...
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Thanks everyone, just had a couple of questions, didn’t mean to put out an APB.   Tongue
Hello Hello Smile
All good here, have had a very nice and productive winter in Key West. Finishing up a project and getting ready to leave north... Georgia mountains for a few weeks painting job then making my way to Pittsburgh.

Easiest way to reach me is
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  • Abnorm (05-09-2019), Queen (05-09-2019)
Hey Brad!!
dont be a stranger Brad
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  • BradKW (05-09-2019)

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