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Mobile Mechanic Business
So I am thinking about starting a mobile mechanic business, like tax ID whole sale account, LLC type business. A way to make money on the road, and make departing easier. I am going to turn 41 soon, and don’t want till I retire to hit the road. As some of you may have seen on my build post, I like to do things diesel, heavy and right. That all comes at a cost, so I will need to have some income for parts, tools, etc.
Not to mention I really just like fixing things for people. Heck I swapped an engine in a KIA Soul this past weekend for a buddy. Just thinking out loud, seemed like a good idea.

[Image: c2dab47e010454f84ff0c66b83229c82.jpg]

All back together

[Image: 8f97d7857e5c183ffdba027797aed53f.jpg]

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  • Snikwahjm (04-15-2019), MN C Van (04-15-2019)
Go for it.
Clean mill .....that's the replacement !
Stay Tuned

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  • MN C Van (04-15-2019)
I'd do it. I've waited too long so don't do the same. I'm not sure how the state sales tax thing would wotk so I'd just pay the tax & have the customer repay you. I'd also look at a SubChaptor S corp instead of an LLC. IMHO they're easier & better. Here's why, every tool book coveralls, van, trailer, etc you buy or have for the business you pay for it & every so often have the Sub S white you personally a promissary note, simple mortage, promise to pay etc & file it at the county clerks office. so the business is always owing YOU for everything it owns. If you get sued & lose YOU atr the 1st in line to be paid & no lawyer will take a case with no money in it. 2nd a Sub doesn't pay taxes & only 1 sheet to fill out & what the SubS lost or madr is transferred from one box on the 1 page SubS tax form to one box on your personal. You can expense or depreciate your ambo, tools, etc. It's perfecty legal & very benificial to you. PM me anytime if you want. I'm not a lawyer but have done it & it's much easier & cost under $500 to set up.well
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  • Wabbit (04-15-2019)
Ive thought about that too. But in terms of unofficial helping out vandwellers and RV's. So many paying way too much at shops. I could charge 1/3 and live a month on a job.

IDK if doing it officially would generate enough business to be worthwhile. especially if your market would be travelers and not be in one vacinity. Youd probably have to charge as much or more than a shop.

I also dont know but it seems since you probably already have tools and all the big $$ stuff to do the work, doing tax write offs would be nearly zero sum. Youd have to spend $5k a year before you can start writing anything and the hassle of a CPA and their fees and all that wouldnt overcome the insurance and license for the savings....idk i never paid business tax though.

Then theres lawsuits. Youre a much bigger target being an LLC or whatever.
In that business, nice guys finish last- You said you swapped an engine for your 'Buddy.'
Everybody's your buddy, and in a really bad spot when it comes to working on their car.
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You must not have read my post. When you create a Sub S Corp or a LLC you create a new enity & if you do a promissary note & put all the equipment, tools & vehicle in the Sub S or LLC you're sue proof & so is the Sub S or LLC. I've done this with a gunshop. I went to the best lawyer in the area who just won a family multi million $$ lawsuit. His name was Pete so I asked to be Pete proof & he did. I'm not going argue so PM me if I can help, Thanks!
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Good point....then theres lawyers. Not cheap.
I'm going to disagree with those that believe a Sub-S is better that an LLC. You like paying estimated qtrly. taxes? And if you'd have an instance where you needed to hire an assistant your going to be into Workers Comp. Qtrly too. 
I've had both and the last two were Sub-S and transferred to LLC. LLC was designed to allow the small business to gain liability protection (unlike a DBA). Currently I have an LLC. 

My best advice is to talk to a CPA in the state your going to use as a home base, explain what you have in mind and go from there. Not every state is the same tax wise. Understand what a tax exempt number is and how in can apply it to what you want to do. You don't want to report and pay sales tax in every state you do business in. Again, talk to a local CPA, they will give you free advice if they are worth getting your future business.

And as always, just my ol 2¢
If you pay sales tax when buying the parts or items you don't need a tax # as you're not charging sales tax. You can't get simpler with more protection than doing a Sub S as I desribed. If you hire employees how do you get away from workers comp with either? Here's what Forbes think
Let me recommend the best medicine in the world, a long journey, at a mild season, through a pleasant country, in easy stages. James Madison

I think it's an excellent idea, you don't need many jobs a month to keep yourself moving, and one bigger job could probably keep you on the road for an entire month plus.

In regards to a few other people that commented:
I think an LLC is the way to go. I have several. My old boss and good friend who is a multi millionaire has about a dozen LLC's, every property and every business he owns is it's own LLC, thus protecting everything from himself and each independent business/property.

CPA's are cheap, had I know how much they cost, I'd have started using one when i was 18 instead of doing my own taxes for 15 years. On 100k in income they're about $500 - $700 a year for an LLC and personal taxes. My guy saved me triple that every year I used him.

But everyone should do their own due diligence and consult a lawyer IMO, 500 bucks or even double that for solid advice from a competent lawyer is money well spent when starting out.

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