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The Ambo!
Nothing like cooking breakfast in your self contained home that you built yourself. Enjoy. Big Grin
 Who ever said newer is always better was grossly misinformed!
It has been a rainy weekend, so not a lot of stuff got done on the outside of the Ambo. I did install a strap for the new table and made dinner.

[Image: 9afcf29e06e42dba371b4323b0cc36d5.jpg]

[Image: a1d554d8e0490ad280c51a274fa8bc53.jpg]

[Image: 6789e69e67f73836134f7f731784d8d5.jpg]

There was so much I could have done, but felt like a lazy day. So I ate burgers and salad, had carrot cake for a snack after. Watched 80’s movies till bed time.

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