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Worst view
Sitting at my sisters house for a few days outside CO Springs.

Really nice weather and John and I are out on the balcony. Worse view ever....

[Image: 5e4d46bbf887f262ee572f988907bea3.jpg][Image: d1dbf70a30b3cdcdeb6849b6309e83e4.jpg]

I don’t get it.
to each their own

are those walking sticks? made from?
I think the view here is about the same. Go figure.
Welcome to the suburbs! The closer to a major metropolitan business district, the denser it becomes.

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Gary yes. Those are walking sticks that John is making. There are a bunch on my property like that. They are probably maple as the majority of wild trees on my land are maples. The vines grow up them when they are young and the trees start to grow around them and it makes a spiral. The vines are mostly wild grape
Sadly some people actually prefer that kind of scenery over our idea of perfect.
I've tried explaining but ,,,,meh,,,, grrrrroookl , funny face looks , gave up !

Those sticks are so cool , just let the plants make 'em.

Maybe could customize by moving the vines around ?
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes made of ticky-tacky
Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes all the same
Written by Malvina Reynolds.
Made famous by Pete Seeger.
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  • MN C Van (04-09-2019)
cool,i have seen sticks made from vines but they tend to be brittle,maple might hold up,part of a walking sticks requirements is to be able to beat the crap out of something/someone
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  • GypsyDogs (04-09-2019)
I like living on the farm but it time to go see all the places I want to be.
Let me recommend the best medicine in the world, a long journey, at a mild season, through a pleasant country, in easy stages. James Madison

yea I run from that. I live in the country, could never do row housing like that Smile
can't wait for out of this country home and onto the road where the scenery changes more and more all the time for us

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