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Inverter Question
I've no personal experience with such an inverter.

1200 watt of inverter  is more than enough for a single pair of GC-2s though, unless one is trying to run 12+ amp powertools with engine running and a thick copper path from alternator to GC-2.

One can only put so much inverter on so much battery.  GC-2s are not really capable of supporting huge loads and maintaining high enough voltages to power a large wattage inverter for long, or at lesser states of charge.

A lot of people will put a 2KW inverter, or larger,  on a single 12v battery, but this can be compared to a 5 second drag car, which uses 5 gallons of gas to run the 1/4 mile, but then only having a 2 gallon gas tank.

This inverter can be made to work, it is just different in that it is designed to have all the AC wiring already in an RV run through it, instead of a stand alone inverter.

Gotsmart can figure it out.

I'd be more concerned with the Aims brand, but again no personal experience, only what I've read online in the fairly distant  past about their lack of quality/ efficiency/ durability. But these reports could simply be the squeaky  indignant wheel making the most noise online, and the quiet wheels not getting any attention, as they need none.
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I think I will return it for a regular type inverter. I'll call them tomorrow. I want things less complicated. Thanks for the answer.

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The Inverter Stores sales staff answers first ring....The customer service dept. has you leave a number and they'll get back to you. It's been 2 hours.

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More.
I learn something new every day. The Inverter Store sells only AIMS but does not handle returns, they go through the manufacturer.

So after three hours waiting I have my RMA to return the silly thing. Then wait on the credit to my card and go back to the Inverter Store. My ass.

I'll go to Harbor Freight before messing with that stuff again.

Back to the drawing board.
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Have you tried Amazon?
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Amazon is next but I have a lead on one now.

Things often work out for the best.
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