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Colorado Springs
My sis lives in Colorado Springs and was sending me photos while they were getting hammered by a bombogenesis.... I have never heard of such a thing but apparently it’s like a snow hurricane.

She was taking pics out of her windows and it looked pretty bad. Evidently 1000 cars are more are stuck all over the place. Pretty awful stuff.

[Image: fcf9c7708f098acf6cd5870bed462841.jpg]

This morning. I guess she isn’t going to work...

[Image: 39d4fddc29fba0625cca3d2ecf63da9d.jpg]

[Image: 7338f5834a2d73b5b5f5c99f659069fa.jpg]
Extremes of weather warnings come at least a day or two ahead of arrival.  So why do so many fools get caught in them?  And when they do get caught, why do they usually not have any supplies with them?  No sympathy.
Storms like that here too.
Sometimes the combination of conditions is just right for "Ain't Right" driving though.
Sit it out , let the rats race....

Most locals do OK but the "newer residents" ......not so much , at least for a year or three.

Probably lots of people moving there from places like Cali etc.
Stay Tuned

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