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Territorial campers on BLM
I must admit I was a bit peeved when I had someone park what I thought was too close to me. I guess it would have been ok but I didn’t know the person. I got over it.

Since I drive the back roads and trails everyday I have passed this sign many times in Tyson Wash LTVA.

[Image: 30a56e62ba08241bd88cba748e714076.jpg]

I kept meaning to go back there because I was suspicious that it might not be true. Well today John and I were on that road and I asked him to turn in. Just as I thought... lots and lots of good camping spots and no soft sand and there is an outlet. It was pretty obvious who had made the sign as he had his drive rockscaped for a long way. He has a huge area all to himself.

It’s pretty close to town.
He's getting his $180 dollars worth out there!
Wondering about Wandering.

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