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Help! Looking at a van... Advice?
Tomorrow I will see a 1988 Ford F150 Regular Cab, it has 162,000, roof has an sure conditioner. What do I need to look for? Price is $2000. Any advice appreciated!

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Freaking spell check... Air conditioner.[Image: b5810c5a7244b982a117dfecc49f18a2.jpg]

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Guy has been scarce about info, says he is helping his dad sell it. Says tires are ok, no engine leaks he knows of.... Roof has air conditioner.

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A F-150 regular cab is a pickup and you are showing a conversion van???

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You need to find out how old the tires are. We got a van with nice tires once but when I drove it on the highway one was so old it exploded. Scary.
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  • minddroool (03-13-2019)
your looking for rust,the chassis,around the fenders and where the top mount to the body,pick it apart but not rudely,just say what you see out loud, if it looks good,drives and runs good,ask for their best price,if they say 1,800,offer 1,500 cash money right now

best if you can have someone with you that knows about mechanics or take it in for an inspection,1988 no rust for 2k or less that runs,not much to complain about
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Tire age pic

[Image: d8b95e731577f3e78e87b8e24d5a75ca.jpg]
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Looks pretty nice but it is hard to tell from here. If it starts, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t overheat, stops, doesn’t make any strange noises, no odd smells, shifts through all the gears, why not.
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  • minddroool (03-13-2019)
That is an E150 Explorer. 

30 years old. It will need a large parts budget. 

Search online for cleaner examples. Then pay accordingly 

Tires. Wear patterns and age
Engine oil
Transmission fluid
Anti freeze 
Look for oil leaks on ground 
How long has it been sitting?

It might be a gem or it might be a money pit
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I'm lookin' at about $800 .
Stay Tuned

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