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Can't get rid of it all ?
Take it with you ! Wink
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

Dude! That is awesome!

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I have an Onan 6kw Diesel genset that that needs, almost no hours from a firetruck if anyone here buys it.
Let me recommend the best medicine in the world, a long journey, at a mild season, through a pleasant country, in easy stages. James Madison

I drove several of those back in 70s. Drove one on a tour across the USA from NY to LA, went back East as a ghost coach. Maintained them as well. Had a fuel line start leaking in AZ or NM. Duct taped it to get her to the next truck stop.

Detroit Diesel 8V71 with manual 4 speed. 24V system.

Drove one for a bus company out of Weehawken, NJ, that had the governor disabled. Scary drive across the GW bridge lower level (metal grating) with that extra speed.
those old busses are built about as solid as they can,made for years of cross country trips

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