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battery water level caps
any experience with these things? sure would make life easier if they worked

just an example
Your battery compartment looked easy enough to pop cap and look down into the cells.

I have had issues with not watering batteries in time. As they age they start using more and more water, even if one does not extend absorption durations, as is usually required to achieve a true full charge.

My batteries were a pain to check levels on, especially 3 of the 12 cells.

Now i just have one group 27 agm where 2 flooded 27s used to reside, and ive not laid eyes on it in well over a year. I used to have a 27 or 31 in engine compartment too. No more.
I use one of these for the marine battery in my motorcycle trailer: 

along with one of these to fill it:  Stick one end in the gallon distilled water jug and connect the other to the filler tube.  Squeeze until it stops pumping and the battery is full.  I have to go out the once a month to fill it. 

Thinking of getting an AGM motorcycle battery to replace it with when it dies.  It's a simple chore that I hate. Angry

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel

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