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FEMA campers
Selling for super cheap in tx now
dont know about the trailers but there was some cheap land but all had houses which means taxes
Check out any FEMA trailer well before purchase. A lot of them didn't come with holding tanks and were meant to be hooked up all the time. May not even be provisioned for a battery and would let the charge converter handle the 12V loads. Ways to cut costs by not including everything a travel traler would have.

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When Hurricane Ike hit back in 2008 Little Rock Arkansas had several 100's of mobile homes and trailers behind our shop parked on an old abandoned military training airfield.
Most were new, unused and never made it to TX where they were suppose to go and they just sat there, closed up and rotting away in the humid heat. After a couple years FEMA eventually tried to sell them but most were covered with mold inside and were just scrapped.

I'd be leary of anything that's been unused for anything over a year.
The link doesn't work now. It switches to:
That page does not mention Texas airport nor FEMA.
Here's a link to a news article.

The auction is through GSA. They are closing today at 6PM CT.

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