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Interesting to watch but...
Seems more complicated than usable.  Does anyone use a solar tracker?

I can see maybe building a manually raised and rotated system where you just turn the panels every so often to point towards the sun.  I wonder how much energy is used to monitor and turn the panels with the motor?
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
Many years ago I built an sun tracker that held a Fresnel Lens. Used a 1 RPM antenna rotator (remember them) and a photo-electric cell inside a 4" pc of black PVC to trigger rotation based on the No-sun-in-the-tube activation of the motor from 9 AM to 4 PM for East - West. At the end of the day it returned to the 9 AM position ready for tomorrows track. 
Didn't have it N-S motorized, did that manually.

The lens focused on/heated a thick copper disk 40" below the lens. The copper had water channels through it and a constant flow of water was heated, pumped and reheated through recirculation, abt 45 gallons worth in a closed system into a large metal radiator in my garage. My 1976 solar heater system. Worked ok until the pump malfunctioned and .... well... copper melts at about 1977* F.....  Sad
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Minor detail.
Stay Tuned

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