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Pretty cool Toyota RV

[Image: 601ddddca5c0a0f2a586e2575a84f072.jpg]
Custom built on a platform made of unobtantium. Even if you could get your hands on the basic platform, all the additional stuff was custom built. I think anything that is an expedition vehicle is well over a $100K and can run to over a $1,000,000. Nice to look at but you can't have one.

That being said, would I like to have one? You betcha!

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  • Cammalu (02-10-2019)
really cool but sure it's really overpriced too
Find a cheap RAV4, get some plywood, an old pop up camper and go to town. Might not be as pretty but it would do the job. What I liked was the menage a trois aspect that was so subtly suggested.
I want one, It's so cool. ( for some reason it reminds me of the batmobile)
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