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Craggy Wash
The line leaving was from cars to vans to all types of motor homes. It was some from every group.
but,but,the guy in the computer said i could come out here and live for free in blissful ignorance
trying.... hard.... not.... to..... post..... silly..... graphic.....
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  • rvpopeye (02-01-2019)
But why not ? Ya know ya wanna !
Stay Tuned

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(02-01-2019, 05:37 AM)GotSmart Wrote: Sad

We stopped here for one night while at Lake Havasu. It has been taken over by masses of angry and rude people. The camp host is overwhelmed. Driving in I was passed by a white van doing 35 through restricted land. (15 mph limit). They can have this place. 

The host was told that he could not enforce anything while the shutdown was in effect.  Angry  This needs to be changed. He is overwhelmed and is unable to track down the ones not registered.

I have stayed at Craggy Wash several times. I have seen a sign saying host well back in the wash, I have never seen a sign saying registration is required nor has anyone ever asked me to register. I don't know what restricted land is ? I have never encountered angry or rude people, certainly not masses, at the wash. Or frankly anywhere else.
The current host is at the first available camping space 

This year is different from others. 

Restricted land is where traffic is not allowed. Signs were up last year with the roads blocked off. This year I can see much more vandalism has occurred with even the BLM no camping in this area signs gone. 

This year guns have been pulled over water fill stations.
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The absurdity is that Federal employees get back pay for the shutdown. Why not have them continue to show up?
Because the shutdown would not make be as newsworthy.
It does look a little crowded at Craggy Wash.
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