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When Your Debit Card Gets Cancelled
Life on the road has some unique challenges. One I encountered yesterday is how to handle fraud on your debit card. The second you say “yes, that is a fraudulent charge” your card is cancelled. To make matters more difficult a new card will only be mailed to your address on file and it will not be forwarded.

I was warned about this problem when I first started out on this journey. I was told, by an experienced RV couple, to expect this problem at some point. They said you always need to have enough cash on hand to get through a problem like having a card turned off. I do have enough cash and I’m camped with friends who wouldn’t have an issue with helping me. So that is the good news.

There were several odd $1 charges on my card from an area hundreds of miles away from where I am camped. My card info was stolen at some point, and I have no idea where. Thankfully my credit union called me. Now I get to await the arrival of a new card.

How to get a new card to a person camped in the desert, you ask? I have a temporary address at a mail service in Quartzsite. I had to go online and change my permanent address with my credit union and then contact them to ask that they ship the card to this new address. I confess that I yelled “fuck me” more than a few times while trying to get this all to work out. It was very frustrating. The good news is that I will have a new card on Wednesday. I had to pay a $30 fee to have the card fedex shipped overnight. Monday is a holiday. So it goes out Tuesday for Wednesday delivery.

Fingers crossed that all goes well and it arrives as promised.

But here is a heads up to all those who haven’t experienced this problem.

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Glad you found a workable solution, Blanch.

I hate my debit card for that very reason. Switched to a credit card instead, then just online bill pay out of my account monthly to pay off the charges (plus I get cash back).
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  • Blanch (01-19-2019)
Had this happen, just once (so far!!!) with a credit card.

Was in Chicago at the time on a contract gig, my CC was thru a national bank, I'd previously done some admin idiocracy at a local branch (so they reasonably knew where I was), and it ended up being relatively less hassle. I was only thinking "khannnnnn" a few times in my brain, instead of making any verbal utterances. Wink

They had auto-detected and cancelled it for me, without notifying me by email, so I found out when it was declined. Sad
That was the single biggest frustration.

They ended up agreeing to send it to me at the hotel, without any charges.

I definitely need to get a 2nd credit card, as a general backup and for specific cases like this.
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2019-Dec update:
I've escaped Winter!
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The “send it for free” option was going to take 10 to 14 days since we have a holiday next week. I really can’t wait that long, so I opted to have it sent via FedEx overnight for $30.

I think the moral of this story is to always know an address where someone can sign for your mail. Also , you need to have some emergency cash on hand.

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Yes, always-always-always have emergency cash, even if it's just a $20 bill tucked away somewhere.
More is better.
My long time (pre-van) Nomad rule of thumb is enough for:
two tanks of gas, one night at a budget motel, and at least one morale meal (though I also always carry morale food).
Typically, at the beginning of any trip, I take out at least $200 in cash.

I'm new to van issues. How much do you long-time full timers carry?

My national bank waved the overnight fee.
I had complained firmly about the complete lack of email notification and emphasized the mental damage (or something like that) of being declined.
Guilt trip, FTW!
Fees are completely dependent on your financial institution, but sometimes they'll wave some/all.

Blanch, you might be able to get them to reverse/credit that fee.
Lay on the disabled-homeless guilt trip.

I know your frustration, and thanks for pointing this out to folks (a CRVL thread would help total newbs).
I'm always amazed at people who don't carry any cash. Eek!

Actual Cash anecdotes:
At least once I was low on gas and the only station had some sort of computer failure, so was only accepting cash.
Once I needed roadside assistance during a major storm (no snowplows - I was one of hundreds who got stranded), and the tow guy's cash price was about half his card price (my first experience with that).
Three times I've stayed at motels that take only cash.
"Cause how you get there is the worthier part." Shephard Book to Kaylee, Firefly
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2019-Dec update:
I've escaped Winter!
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  • TWIH (01-19-2019)
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That’s a tough one but with a happier ending Blanch.  Glad you noticed it, that’s the way debit cards often work, they are the first to get tapped. The scary thing is it is your checking account and unless you’ve set it up as a “minimal” account with NO overdraft protection you can be cleaned out.  I don’t carry one for that reason.

Kaylee asked about minimum finances. Well in her current situation she is proof that sh*t happens and you need financial backup plans. How much is enough?  

Me, I am trying to squirrel away a complete van replacement (with minimum contents) so about 5K, plus a breakdown account of half again that so 7.5K before I head out again. The 5K has to be untouchable and just sit there while the 2.5K gets tapped for any repairs or costs that are not budgeted. 

Your monthly income is supposed to be budgeted to handle basic food, gas, insurance, oil changes, plates, cell phone and the like. Tires, brakes, big suspension issues are out of the 2.5K cause’ they are not annual (thus budgetable) items.

You do what you can do but to preach “anyone can do this, just get out here” is irresponsible. (BW)

On YT I watched some random thing on the Cali homeless in vehicles. A “sob story” to draw views was a 40’s mother with her 20’s daughter who were living in their recent vintage leased minivan. In discussing their budget she said that “food is 900 a month because we eat out daily”.  I about choked on my cold can of beans I was eating...  Not to be cruel but you could see that maybe the $900 was a tad bit excessive for them both.  The point is, what some people consider minimum in a certain category is likely more than many here completely budget monthly period... I know I won’t spend 900 on everything.
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Happy it worked out well for you.
My credit card has been hit by fraud at least 4, maybe 5 times now. Luckily it always worked out well and charges were covered and new card came fast, but great info about address and more when out and about.
We never use a debit atm card. We have a 'money card' that is not attached to our checking account at all. If atm card is frauded they can hit your checking account balance in full fast and wipe ya out, but with my bank 'money card' I load it as I need it. I can put money from my checking and savings onto my money card. I can transfer $50 if I am buying a $40 something plus tax item online and that is all that is on the card. Covers the cost. I can put $150 on the card and go grocery shopping and charge $150 and the card balance is then 0. I just load as I need. I love the better control and more safety from fraud from this money card, we love it.

sorry for your troubles!! I am glad you are ok tho!
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Once I had just returned from a gig in Texas (1981) and used the drive through teller at my bank CARD DECLINED ,,,WTF!
Parked and made a visit to the manager inside ,,,,,,,,Her: "Oh we're issuing new cards ,you should get it in the next week or so"

ME: "Oh , and you disabled my card in the meantime?"

Her: "Yes , SOP,  for your security"

ME: "So , say for instance I was 2000 miles away and I needed to buy something .
It wouldn't have worked ?" Angry

"Hmmmm , what is my current balance ? "

She replies and I say " Place the entire amount in hundred dollar bills on this desk "

"I'll be withdrawing it all and closing the account " as I piled the cash into my backpack...

Next Stop My Neighborhood Credit Union

Then , In 2008
I had my debit # stolen after making a purchase over the phone.
Got cleaned out plus , thanks to overdraft protection and they only charged me $30 for that  .
It took a LONG time to clear it up...... RolleyesLONG story........................

A year later an online vendor contacted me about someone trying to make $1 purchases using my new card !
She declined the sale and contacted me instead (THX!)

 I now leave less than a dollar in the account. And have overdraft off permanently .
If I need to use it I deposit the amount just before using and back to small change.
That is all I use that account for .

Got a second account just for SS direct deposit and use that in a day or so ..

Greed sucks , you just try to play the game better than they do. Tongue
Stay Tuned

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electronic theft is insanely massive. billions stolen all the time. the crooks beat the system the nano-second some new security etc. is put into place. Can't win this one, it is a matter of when ya get hit, not if you do.
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