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if you Knew
If you Knew you only had a week to live.. what would you do differently?
What things are you putting off, or taking for granted?

I just learned, yesterday, that a dear friend of mine died a few days ago.
She lived her Best life.  She and her dogs traveled the world.  She joked that her Dogs got more HappyBirthday wishes from adoring people all over than She did.. Smile
She was always encouraging and funny and just Fun.  Her spirit shone brightly.  And continues to do so.

None of us knows when our time is up.  What awaits us tomorrow, or even today. 

Be your BEST You
Don't put it off until Someday
Live Now
My body is a temple- Ancient and crumbling,  
probably cursed 

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just one Stinkin' Badge 

"it's Beige.."
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  • Abnorm (01-10-2019), Queen (01-10-2019)
I thought about this a few times over the years when this question was posed to me or reflection at someone's funeral and such......honestly I would not do anything differently other than clean up my act a bit. The past I can't change even if I pretended I could in a way Smile, the present is just that, all I have to work with, the future is never guaranteed or no one truly ever knows when their last seconds will happen, so...… I say is I would just be the best me I could be if I knew I had an absolute deadline date for expiration.

I am trying to work on me. Find a better balance in my life. I am a hot headed control freak kinda person. I am working slowly on changing that and mostly age is helping me with that. The older I get the more I say, screw it, forget it, ignore it, concentrate on me and shut out the world....seems to be working best for me LOL

I also don't want to 'do everything today' cause that means I rush thru a day in a way. I want to float thru my days now. If I get something done or have an exciting adventure etc. then great. If I didn't get to it, so what, it wasn't meant to be for me.

I am sorry about your friend. Living your life to your fullest is all we can hope. That will be so different for everyone tho. I also noticed I don't worry anymore about questions like this in a way. Back then I would put brain effort into them, now I pass these types of questions by the wayside more and more.

I know I am the type to overthink situations and life all the time. I am more into giving it up, letting it go, giving into the flow of my life, and letting whatever goes down, go down. I find it very very freeing, especially with my control freak actions being released more and more Smile Smile I find myself in better balance.

wow I chatted out a lot there! See that, ya made me overthink again HAHA
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  • Texjbird (01-11-2019)
I am not saying 'what would you change?' You cannot change your past- That is not the point of this post..

This is more of a reminder that none of us is guaranteed our next-week or our tomorrow.
That we need to live with intention- today. Not to take our lives or our friends for granted.
Because they may be gone tomorrow.
Be your best you- always.
My body is a temple- Ancient and crumbling,  
probably cursed 

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just one Stinkin' Badge 

"it's Beige.."
First I would want to find someone that I could trust to take Max. Second I would have to decide between finding a place of beauty to send the week reflecting on my life, spending the time with my family or screwing a hottie until they can't walk.
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  • Everyroadleadshome (01-10-2019), Queen (01-10-2019), Cammalu (01-10-2019)
I don't believe I would do anything different. I pretty much live every day like it's my last. Although thinking you have come to terms with mortality and then actually having to face it on a dead line are two different things. I have enough health issues that usually about once a week I'm thinking...


Although when it happens to me, there is no laugh track. Lol. But it happens enough so that I kinda know how I feel about leaving. Pretty much sad for people that may think they need me or might be sad I'm not here anymore. For me personally though, I feel resigned and content with what I did get to experience mixed with a lil bit of confusion, thinking, what was the point.
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  • Texjbird (01-11-2019)
When I first got sick 6 years ago, they were confident I had the beginning stages of Scleroderma and that at best, I'd have five years left to live, and it really wasn't frightening to me. I've come to terms with the fact there will always be stuff I want to do that i'll just never get to, and I hope to live to 100......but as long as i'm living, i'll do my best to keep crossing things off that list. If I only had a week left, I don't think i'd much care what I did at that point, knowing would give me the advantage to say good bye to everyone I know and get Camo settled in with my ex. I'd be satisfied just doing those few things.
I answered it I thought Smile
I wouldn't do anything differently.

My life outlook doesn't seem to fit your thread guidelines on what is right. I guess I just ain't right in my answer LOL Smile

a week. heck I couldn't get over my own crazy azz thought process with my own death in a week to almost do anything differently. I would be an f'ing trainwreck dealing with my own true mortality and thoughts. Would I do that? Heck I don't know???

other then clean up my act a bit. tell family I love them deeply (the ones I do..wink wink) and what the heck else is there truly for me? Nothing so pressing that it overtakes me. I am not that type actually. I don't need a bucket list. Maybe if I knew how long I had I could change that answer a bit, if I knew what I had killing me kinda thing and could I truly function thru my heading into my is just too vague of a what if and only true thing is find whatever love you do have in your life and let everyone know it and amplify it a bit if ya could.
I would make sure my will says what I want it to...
I’d do exactly what I’m doing right now.
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  • Wabbit (01-10-2019), justjim (01-11-2019)
(01-10-2019, 10:46 AM)RoamerRV428 Wrote: ... Maybe if I knew how long I had...

You've got a WEEK RoamerRV! Currently it's a mystery illness, Doc says he'll know what treatment to put you on in two weeks. Your lawyer says they'll be back in 10 days to finalize will, and your Priest is on sabbatical in Thailand and there's rumors he's not coming back! Lol. Well, let's hope not, eh? Hope you're having fun no matter where you're at. I'm being grumpy at the RtR, but starting to laugh at myself so I'll be fine in a few. 8-)
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  • Snikwahjm (01-11-2019)

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