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Washcloth, towel, and bed sheet hygiene
Been doing a fair bit of off grid Campervan camping lately and showering is not always available.   So, am using wash cloths, soap, and minimum water for daily attention to the personal bits.  Wash cloths get a good rinse in Vinegar and Bicarb after use and hung to dry.   The flow on issue from this routine is that the rest of the body does not get the usual exfoliation that comes with a shower and lots of water and vigorous towelling after the shower.   Recent article suggesting towels should be properly washed after being used three times, and bottom bed sheets should be laundered weekly, got me thinking about where my dead skin cells are going when I am using the washcloth bit for daily personal hygiene.   Shed skin is biological, add some skin oils, and Bio Hazard towels and sheets are just around the corner - or am I overthinking it?
I use baby wipes twice a day (morning and night) between showers. Works for babies and I am just a big one :-) I have two sets of sheets that I wash with clothes every two weeks. This seems to work for me.

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overthinking it is my answer Smile Smile
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