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I would love one of these!!!
there you go yarcamp,hot tub in the desert
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  • smrtrvlr (01-07-2019)
hot water on demand using firewood?
"The Original Nomad heater coil is a hot water on demand unit that can be heated with propane or firewood."
Only need 225 gallons of water and a propane tank to heat it. For another $400 plus you could get a water pump to fill it.

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(01-07-2019, 03:10 PM)Blacktank Wrote: there you go yarcamp,hot tub in the desert

Propane water heater. Check. 55 gallon drum ,  check. One at a time, cus we ain’t right.
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  • Wayne49 (01-08-2019)
I think I’m going to be working on the shower stall here tomorrow. We got the endless hot water heater in today and have a bunch of 2x4s and a couple of tarps.

I wanted to put the drum up high so we could just gravity feed but I think I’ve been voted out. Seems much more complicated to me to have to have a water pump and battery when the water could just roll down hill. I don’t get it
Monkeyfoot… can't gravity feed THRU the heater it has to be pressurized (Pumped)

Even without the get any flow....the barrel would need to be above your head height...….That's a lot of weight requiring a lot of structure

I'll take the pump out of my van so you/john can play with it...…..I have the plumbing bits and the shower head...….just add propane for the heater....and 12 v power for the pump
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coyote watering hole? heehee
I thought someone had the power source

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i'm sorry, what does a shower install have to do with this thread ?

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