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Spottie's Ready to go!
Spottie was slipping around on the smooth floor too much when he rode around with me in the van so I screwed down some carpet in his front area in the back of the van and that seems to be working out good.

[Image: IMG-0424.jpg]

Pictured is the top of his new ramp so he can get in and out of the van now. He loves his spot there in front of the little RV heater.

We should be headed for Quartzsite Monday or Tuesday.
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  • GypsyDogs (01-06-2019)
Horses aren't allowed at the RTR...…….(needs a smiley)
"Two Cats and THE DOUG"

Whereabouts unknown...……...
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  • S Cello (01-04-2019)
/\lol right? Please tell your dog I'm harmless before I enter your camp.

PS- That's an awesome looking dog, I'm envious!
need a full sized shovel for that one
I was thinking a backhoe. I really like Great Danes.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel
Doug, he has never harmed any cats. He's never harmed any animal. He doesn't understand why small dogs get scared of him and come at him sometimes. he just runs away from the small dogs then avoids them for a few days.

He likes to meet people who are sitting down for some reason. Then if he gets petted, he becomes a pest for more attention.
I never worked much on getting him socialized, but hopefully he will be okay in camp.
Actually, the only thing he doesn't seem to like is kids and teenagers, but he never bit one.

Yeah, LARGE quantities of dog poop produced. I'll bring the large scooper and rake.

I put a cast iron eye bolt in the passenger side wheel well (into the frame) to attach his 15' chain to. I have never let him run loose, he's used to the chain. At home he is 99% in the house these days. He's as lazy as me, lays around all the time.
He's a good looking boy!  I worked for a vet for 12 years, and never met a mean Dane.  One owner said his big guy was very gentle, but if someone tried to steal some of his tools, Rex would just grab the thief's arm and hold onto it -- not bite him, just hold on.  When he set down the tool, the dog would let go.  His owner could never figure out how he learned to do that.
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  • S Cello (01-05-2019)
What s pretty baby, I’d spoil him rotten!
So pretty and GDs are kind dogs for sure. very giving in their patience.

enjoy the heck out of him and so glad he is not slipping and sliding anymore Smile ya did good for him!

from that pic tho, should the nails be cut soon....looking very long in the pic but can't quite tell....long means slipping also.
Such a cute doggie!

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