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newbie & Fawkes, rising from ashes
It's specific to my very old van (1987 Dodge B250).
Apparently in park, there's something that doesn't get cooled (was it the transmission fluid?). It was discussed in my Dodge thread in the Mechanical subforum.

In most vehicles, shouldn't be an issue.
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Yeah, what's the deal with not idling in park?  Seems to me more heat would be generated idling in drive, but what do I know?  I would idle in park and if my heat gauge went up I would increase the RPMs to increase airflow thru the radiator.  Most vehicles I'm familiar with have a transmission cooler built into the radiator and air moving across the radiator would help cool the transmission fluid.  An additional transmission cooler is a good idea too.
apparently with this era of dodge when in park the transmission pump is turned off and no fluid to the cooler but the torque converter is still spinning building up heat,need to be in neutral to check the fluid level
Thanks for the explanation Blacktank/Gary.
Needless to say, after a wonderfully peaceful week & a half, it seriously damaged my calm. Sad

Checked the weather forecast, it said rain likely to continue until about 1pm.
Figured that still works for me, so why induce stress by driving in the rain?
Felt rather smug about that. Smile

Meanwhile, my total amateur white-cargo-van neighbor drove off.
He(?) had no window curtains, so I glimpsed him sleeping in it @7am when I popped into Walmart (restroom & sub-sandwich mark-down hunt (win on both)).
Even when I was in my car, I had better privacy.
GypsyDogs did a superb job outfitting Fawkes with curtains/etc. When I'm sleeping, I have excellent privacy. My two new acquaintances/friends were also delighted with it. Smile
"Cause how you get there is the worthier part." Shephard Book to Kaylee, Firefly
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The Chrysler torqueflight transmission has  to be in neutral not park, not Drive (that's insane)to check level, preferably hot and on a level surface and supposedly after running through all the gears, although this last part might only apply to a TX whose pan was recently dropped, as I have never seen any difference in level after running through the gears, unless i did a pan drop leaving the pan off for several hours or more.

I don't idle if I don't have to and never heard of a TX overheating by being left in park. 
Never read anything about it in my faactory service manual. Never read about this anywhere but on this forum.

The 727 is a robust 3 speed transmission used in many muscle care dating back to the mid 60's.
The 904 is its lighter weight lighter duty little brother, and was still capable of supporting Muscle car Torque, and being about 100 lbs lighter was desired by some for 1/4 mile runs.
The A-518 or 46RE or RH are a 727 TX with an overdrive unit tacked onto the end.
The A-500 or 42RE/RH is a 904 with an OD unit tacked onto the end.

I'm calling BS on the idling in park overheaating thing until I see something written by an authoratative source, at which point I'll admit i am wrong and apologize, if i am wrong.

Nothing about overheating caused by excessive idling in park mentioned in either of the above articles.

Me thinks it is Gary's pro Chevy, anti Ford/Chrysler stance that came up with the TX overheating in park theory.

Me thinks it is a complete non issue.

Me could be wrong, but If it were a known issue, Me thinks the above articles would mention something about it.

I mean in park, it is not like on has their foot on the brake in drive and is pushing the gas down, I could see that overheating the TX, if it were not flowing ATF to the cooler, but it is, so it can't, and wont, and what kind of fum duck would stand on gs and brake at the same time for long enough periods of time to overheat the fluid?

All ATF is damaged by excessive heat, which then cannot lube the gears properly, and Vans in particular, especially those with overdrive units, should have additional TX coolers plumbed after the internal radiator cooler.

My A-500 is a bit ridiculous in that it will go into overdrive at 28MPH under light load. I make judicious use of the OD OFF button, and do not climb grades in overdrive or lockup, as while the engine has the power to do so in many cases, the transmission OD unit is loaded too heavily and will wear much faster, and it is the shredding OD unit which usually takes out the rest of the TX. I climb hills in third, and pretty much go no faster than 60MPH, and this is about 3K rpm.

Driving 65MPH in OD with the torque converter locked up is about 1975 rpm, with 3.55:1 rear gear ratio.

A rebuilt TX can cost as much as an Engine, ( mine was 2650$ in 2001). best to insure that the fluid is not burnt or sheared or oxidized.
The differential gear oil is often completely ignored too, and rebuilding and or replacing that is also in the 2k$ range.
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  • weigh2ez (04-26-2019)
my bad,high on cough syrup,changed it to neutral

and the gm turbo hydramatic 350/400 transmissions are better,no bands,no issues,the early th700r4 do need some upgrading though,can get rebuild for under $1000 and a full 700r conversion kit for $2000-2500 and that gets you o/d and locking torque converter

should be a way to adjust your o/d to kick in later
couldnt find anything legit just people on forums saying check in neutral because the pump doesnt pump in park,so logically in a traffic jam on a hot day you wouldn't want to sit there in park
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Neither the 904, 727 or the newer ones lube or cool in park.
Who cares???? Why would you possibly need it to do so???
Of the millions produced for taxis and police cars over five decades, which idle in Park constantly, there hasn't been a reported failure due to this.
Wake is correct, this is just a type of bashing.
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  • weigh2ez (04-26-2019)
I had a 727 in a '77 Dodge van that I put over 250k miles on and always idled in park when there was a stop anywhere. The only thing I ever did to that tran was to throw the accumulator spring away (more positive shift). I would sometimes put it in neutral if the jam was not expected to last long or the line of vehicles creeped. Probably the best trany I ever had. I even had a cam and headers on the 360.

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