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I dunno... ummm
This seems like it would be either frikkin awesome or completely gross and nasty.  I'd try it though....
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
That ain’t right!

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  • Texjbird (11-09-2018)
I’d totally eat that... but then again I enjoy(ed) C-rations, mess hall food, and spam.
I wonder which layer is the turkey
I cooked a turducken one year. What a shit show that turned into. It didn’t cook all the way through and then I pulled it out of the oven and the hen portion hit the ground. All my dogs and my friends dogs and my sons dog flew into the kitchen and devoured it. The food sucked. The dogs, however, thought it was the best thanksgiving ever.

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Some of the most memorable Holiday meals in my life have been the ones that something got screwed up. That also makes me in awe of just how many went off without a hitch.
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  • Queen (11-09-2018), Blanch (11-09-2018), Texjbird (11-09-2018)
Holidays, for me, have never really been about the food, but about connecting with friends and family. Spent a lot of childhood holidays overseas eating in the mess hall with the young lonely airmen in my dads squadron.
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  • Blanch (11-09-2018)
I loved our mess hall but we were spoiled. Field Artillery units have always been known to have the best mess halls.
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What, no pumpkin pie?

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