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I had hoped to be there in time for Thanksgiving and to give the solar cookers a good work out. (I recently added rice pudding to the menu) However I have a appointment the 20th that I can not get out of so I may have to feed you at a later date.

What are you guys planning to cook?
the usual,my biggest thing is not catching the flu from the kids
Before I got my flu shot this year I already picked up a case of flu!

I know to never enter a store without using a sani hand cleaner...then wipe down the cart too. But, I didn’t on one occasion. Duh. Two weeks of misery for one minute of neglect.

Got the shot yesterday.

(Something about an ounce of prevention.....)

Since I have not had kids in my environment I have been a lot healthier. Honestly, schools are a disease exchange program.

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
I take elderberry drops and it seems to prevent flu and colds.

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