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Back on the road with Honey
I feel like what I did these last 12 months was to complete a circuit.

Left Grand Junction last Thanksgiving and after spending the winter in the desert of AZ...visited a few parks in NV and UT.  

In April I had a few upgrades done to the RV, and then departed for the “East Coast Friends and Family Tour”.   6000+ miles later, returned west to Albuquerque to look at some properties.

Returned to Grand Junction to get another round of repairs (primarily nuisance items...except for smoking my brakes on the way in).    

Which brings me full circle.

I plan to spend a fair amount of time by Lake Mead once I leave here next week.    

I’d like to hook up with people looking to do Canada this coming summer...(Vancouver to PEI?). 

See ya all in the desert!

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
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