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For about 2 or 3 years I've recieved the above thru my email.  It gives updates as jobs come in to them.   Also the issues as they come out.  I don't know if you can list your resume on work wanted ads at the "INTRO" level......simply because I'm not to that point & don't know if I will be at anytime soon.

Just thought I'd throw this out there, someone may find it useful

Jewell Ann
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For about three decades, Workamper News has been bringing RVers together and connecting them with employers accross the country. Whether you live full-time in your RV, travel seasonally or you're just thinking about it right now, Workamper News is here to help you experience the Workamper lifestyle.

Our Workamper Intro membership level can get you started looking at jobs right away! This FREE membership provides you with limited access tot he Workamper News website and ablilty to view Workamper job listings via our email Hotline! As an Intro member these hotlines will be delayed 1-week to provide a sample of what is currenlty available. Register today for your free Workamper Intro account to connect with the Workamping lifestyle and the variety of opportunities available.

Go for the Workamper Gold membership and have even more ways to get a job! You will be able to build an online Workamper Resume, get the printed version of the magazine in the mail, submit Situation Wanted Ads, make new friends via the Member Map, look at Employer Tours, access training on how to market yourself and how to run a small business from your RV, and more!
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