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Refextic = Window Damage?
Recently on a U T video someone mentioned that reflextic had caused some window damage due to overheating so the window cracked.  I have the reflextic for the Safari & also the Aliner.

Has anyone heard of this before?  This was the 1st time I've ever heard it mentioned.


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certainly Not outside the realm of possibility.

Some conversion vans have been known to blow out a window slamming the door from air pressure.

The reflextix caused shatterng would have to mean the window did not have enough room to expand within the metal frame.

Reflextic can also act like a magifying glass if it is allowed to sag and concentrate light. The thghter it fits to the window the less air there is inbetween window and reflectic to get extremely hot.
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I’ve had reflectix in several windows for two years and haven’t had any problems. But thanks for the info, now I know to keep an eye on it.

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what type of vehicle was it?

auto tempered glass is pretty tuff stuff,drastic heat change might do it,most likely had prior damage/defect,hairline crack that has opened up
Glass can take quite a lot of heat, esp tempered glass. What glass often CAN'T take (even tempered glass) is a fast, drastic temperature change, esp from hot to cold, as in sun-heated glass having an iced Pepsi tossed at it. Or a rock.

It would be an interesting experiment to apply Reflectix to a sun-facing window and see if it really does increase the temperature of the glass, or if it's just reflecting the light.

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