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What Determines We're Old
I may have unbenownst to me gained "LITTLE OLD LADY" status recently Huh

That is the only reason I can think of for my new bra to CREAK.
When it starts to moan I'm gonna run right smack dab outta the damn thing   Rolleyes

FILM AT 11:00   Wink

                           My Heart Is Good............But Oh This Mouth
                              I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
                                            I AIN'T DONE ......YET
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"What determines we're old?"

When you seem to be just as old as all of the other old people, and everyone else seems younger.
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It is weird when people younger than you look older.
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the grey hair,eyes going bad,arthritis,not so dependable digestive system,cant breath,what was i doing?
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Things have steadily gone downhill after I realized I'm not bulletproof anymore.

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No matter how old you get, there will always be someone older. Unless you're the oldest living person in the world, that's when you officially know you're old.
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My answer is, "to be determined".

I watched a PBS interview last night of folks leaving the Carolina's to avoid the brunt of Hurricane Florence. They talked with 103 year old George Alsberg of Wilmington. He was nothing like anyone I've experienced at that advanced age. He could easily be considered to be in his late 70's or early 80's. Mobile with an easy quick response to questions.

Link is a 6 minute segment of that 9/13/2018 program.

I'm pretty sure he's not old..... yet!
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I have to laugh because i don't see myself or Ron as being old, only because we don't look our age nor do we behave our age either. We're just two nutty folks behaving like adolescents. (It's only at nighttime when i really feel my age with all the pain and aches).

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