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If I ever....
The next time I ask who designed or installed this and the person starts saying anything about a electrical engineer, I will be gone before they finish the sentence. In the two instances it has happened the engineer should have been slapped, the school shut down...something.

Today I went to check out a fifth wheel that even though it has 500 watts of solar, can't keep its own battery charged. 500 watts of solar feeding two 4-D's as a inverter bank but no connection to the house grp 24. A 100 watt portable was intended to keep it running. Discuss options and decide to remove grp 24 and pull power from inverter bank for house. Hmmm wiring seems a bit weak but okay. Look again, ask customer if they have issues running 2000 watt inverter. Why yes they do and it could be the three feet of 8 gauge feeding the twin 2 gauge per side wires feeding the inverter. There is a switch but no fuse. Back side of switch discolored from heat, 8 gauge wire nearly melted in half at the lug.

So the next time I hear "my electrical engineer" I'm out of there.
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theres a whole bunch of hacks out there preying upon the uninformed
In some instances I think it is DIY and saying that a EE did it gives credence to their poor decisions.
the main reason i started the forum besides about to get the boot from Bobs was i needed electrical help and the start up cost of the forum is nothing compared to knowledge gained

glad to have you back posting
Wow. It could have been done by an engineer that ONLY understands A/C! I don't know if they break it down that way in school but...
I learned wiring building boom cards pulling massive current and to make the current you needed all the available juice the battery can provide. If you are spending 5 grand on two amps stable at .25 ohms selling them 00 cables to feed these hungry bastards is easy.

For my own solar, I went with my yacht guy. That system has changed more times in the year than my underwear! Sterwake would have done a deal with Neptune to have me eaten by land sharks. LOL!

But the info here is good. And posers lamenting the easy cheap are outed as idiots.

Rock on people!
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nothing against cheap and easy,my interior is built out of plywood and 1x12 fir,butt end glue and screw,cheap and easy,osb and particleboard nailed together will get called out as crap
Sometimes it works out. I went from a job it took longer to drive there than fix to a rewire and now installing a inverter/charger with a transfer switch. And tomorrow was going to be such a easy day. Sigh
The worst design I saw was designed by “a Microsoft engineer “.  Large flexible panels siliconed down with lithium batteries packed in hard foam (2”thick”)  and stacked in a apple crate.  

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Why anyone would listen or design a system from a person that churns out buggy software that requires updates constantly and is full of bloatware is beyond me. But I too saw this Cringe worthy system.

But he had God on board so I am certain all is well.
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