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Found this, might be pricey
If it lives up to the claims then it might be a viable internet solution, albeit a tad pricey.
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
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"120GB High Speed Data Package with Unlimited slower (3-4Mbps) speeds afterwards."

"Afterward"? What does that mean?
After you use 120GB.!
(You're REALLY gonna have to try...)
Stay Tuned

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The application asks for an address for service and proof that you are a business. Anyone know who the provider is?

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4gantennashop is the outfit I have used for my T-Mobile connection for years. In my case it is a 5 gig hotspot with 2G speeds (actually around 256 kb) afterwards, unlimited Binge on and Music freedom service streaming for $17.71 a month. Since almost all of my streaming is within those services, it's a great deal for me. I can stream Netflix at 480P 24/7. After my allotment the speeds are fast enough for anything but video and music still runs at full speed.

The coverage map is pink so it's still T-Mobile.

The service may subject you to prioritization even though you have not hit any limits. You are always a second class citizen compared to actual T-Mobile users. That said I have only seen it when I was in a major city at peak times.

You really need to make sure the device you get has Band 12. That is T-Mobiles long range band and by long range I mean 30 miles and over several mountain ranges in the Rockies where Verizon was 2G, AT&T was 4G and both were congested. The downside is with that kind of range, one tower covers a lot of people.

A buck a gig is cheap IF you need that kind of data. You still get streaming of certain services after the allotment so if streaming is your objective it really is unlimited.

I can tell you that T-Mobiles coverage in Quartzsite, Ehrenberg and Parker was wonderful this last year. A booster and directional antenna can pull in a signal from a good distance even when the hotspot sees nothing without.

When I signed up they wanted just the name of my company, no other proof. Still if you are worried you can create a company and get a federal ID for nothing and little effort. Use your mailing address as you will need to receive the hotspot somehow.
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