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What are your fall/winter plans
I am making the assumption that fall will actually arrive this year.   (Doesn’t look like it now)

I plan to get over to Albuquerque then Flagstaff.   Before end of Nov.   then down onto the desert floor for the rest of the winter.     But till then, no definite plans except to visit Cammy and Gotsmart in KY

Where are you now?  Where are you headed to next?

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I’m hoping we will get a break in the weather before anyone shows up. It’s unbearably hot right now

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I just arrived in Eureka California for a visit with my kids. Then back to Crescent City California for an event the end of this month. After that? I’m thinking the Alabama Hills on 395 near the Sierras and then back to see the kids for the holidays and off to Quartzsite. My plans are always fluid, except for medical appointments, so plans often do change.

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no plans to go anywhere, besides an overdrive transmission should have my rv done by spring
well,forever rigs are never done but should be a solid road worthy
It’s unbearably hot here, too. The rain just made it worse.
Two of our houses are on the market now. A third will go on the market in maybe a week and the 4th still needs finishing. Steadily selling off what we can't take with us. Hope to be on the other side of the world before winter hits but that might be just wishful thinking.
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If you don't make it before it gets cold , the change from cold to hot isn't such a bad thing.......

Good luck on the real estate game , maybe close all before next Tuesday?
Stay Tuned

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Closing on all of them by next Tuesday would be a miracle in itself. Sold off the old cabinet sewing machine and my coin collection from when I was in grade school yesterday. Would have maybe liked to keep it but it was just too heavy and bulky to try and tote. I think we have the cement mixer sold. Gonna have another yard sale with just "make offer" on a big sign out front. Daughter gets all the furniture so other than a few more items I think we have the "stuff" taken care of. Now to just get buyers for the houses.
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Hope to get to Baja and see the area around the Sea of Cortez.
Ratfink Ive really been wanting a Baja trip also. I had planned it for last year but it just didn’t happen.

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