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Time to dump Verizon
I have had four days in a row of cell phone service distribution lasting hours.  Each day I complain, each day I get no satisfaction, and it happens again the next day.   

On Thursday night, from 4pm till cell signal.  On Friday night...the exact same hours of no service.   Then yesterday it was all afternoon.   This morning, (right now), no cell signal again.

Yeah, going to the ATT store today to get a new plan.    Bet they are losing customers like crazy!  No business could function with this lousy service.

My iPhone is unlocked already, so...just change it over.   I am disgusted.

Cammy....I will text those pictures to you once I have a working phone again....thank you for the offer to help.

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Gee, Verizon is supposed to be the top co.  You could enjoy my carrier, T Mobile, which often is a seemingly “line of sight” to a participating tower...  Confused

With the supposed coming rollout of 5G, I don’t know how these carriers will be able to improve coverage. My phone and data plan are very helpful in making me go “data-less” multiple times and in multiple locations. Kinda like a self-imposed internet/phone fast...  Rolleyes
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I'm on t-mobile over 55 plan, $50 for phone and $10 for hotspot. Real good coverage in Utah and surrounding states except for Wyoming. Phone is ok but data is spotty there but they are adding towers and working with roaming partners. Hot spot is 4g LTE for 10gb then unlimited 3g.

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What is happening it called the tower breathing. The busier it gets the more it contracts the range it can cover reducing the connections. A directional antenna on the booster can help.
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I've actually been thinking of going back to Verizon. I have an unlimited Sprint plan and have been with them about ten years now. Prior to them I was on Verizon and switched to save some money and get unlimited Data. But the reception and coverage isn't anything that great when traveling.
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I am on Verizon and it sucks. They are being sued by ever other carrier in the country because they are lying about their coverage. They are doing it for government money.
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Maybe AT&T is the way I should go
Cricket Wireless uses AT&T towers.

$55 a month for unlimited with autopay. I’ve had it over two years with no problems.

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