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Chromebook - power usage & battery life?
Apparently it's Back To School season, and there's been a bunch of Chromebook commercials claiming "all day" battery life.
I checked here and the, um, "alt"forum, and see some of you (e.g. GotSmart) own them.

What's been your real world experience, in terms of power usage & battery life?
Any other issues?

I'm thinking that could save me a lot of power.
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Here's a specific model I'm considering ($199.00):
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Maybe “all day” on standby but when I was using a Chromebook at my job, it wouldn’t last for more than 90-120 minutes of activity.
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  • Kaylee (08-14-2018)
The DC adapter for my 2011 Acer Win7 real 250gig HD netbook reads 30watts 12v=2.5amps with an output of 19vdc at 1.58amps.
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  • Kaylee (08-14-2018)
Chromebooks might work for you, but any power savings might be offset by all of the data they consume in operation. And any laptop with fans and vent slots means that it generates heat, and that heat comes from pulling fair amounts of current. 

Have you thought about a convertible tablet? Tablets tend to use a lot less power (no fans or vents) and you can get one with a detachable or bluetooth keyboard. Tablets can run for hours and hours on a charge.

Look at the wall chargers that most tablets use, compared to the brick chargers made for laptops. 15 watts vs 90 watts. 

Android tablets or ipads have a variety of apps for editing text. 

Windows tablets are available too, with lots of text editing options.
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I wasn't going to comment as I am a Mac guy. But having just flown a few 12-hour hops with my two laptops I bought a tablet. Ok, it is an iPad but that isn't the point.

Past the OS tablets are easier on planes, last much longer than laptops and can pretty much do anything I do on my laptops now. I actually edited a bunch of footage down to a 4 minute what I did on my holiday video. It is in h265 High def too.

In our environment, they are easier to protect too. Snap cases that make them life-proof. I think that is the name of the cases.

Pick your task required/OS your comfortable with and go the tablet route.
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  • Kaylee (08-14-2018)
Chromebooks are perfect for social media-aholics that do light processing also.
available as tablets and laptops .Check hovv they charge before you buy one though.

My tab is full VV-10. Asus Transformer (first generation, it came vvith VV-8 /free upgrade to VV-10)
The atom processor gives me about 10 hours on a charge .(Not on ytoob)

Charges from a micro USB port like a phone.

I use the same (Anker fast charge) 12v charger for my phone and most everything else I have ....
Except the laptop.
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