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(08-12-2018, 11:13 AM)AbuelaLoca Wrote:  So... Kitty litter and pine shavings?  Is that the consensus for the bucket method?

YES    Unless the bucket is also used in 

 "The Bucket Method Of Birth Control"
In that case the bucket needs to have tight fitting lid.  That way when a vertically challenged guy wants to make love to a taller female while both are standing up he stands on the bucket. She just watches for that certain gleam in his eye and then gives the bucket a swift kick.

This was explained to me back in the early 1980s by my younger 1/2 Sister and her Dad.  He was about 3 to 4 inches shorter than our Mom.  The subject came up when we found our younger brothers bunk bed ladder in Pawpaws bedroom closet while packing up to move. Bro said "I was lookin' for that" & Sis said "Did you lose your bucket"........all I said wuz " What?".

When I told my Mom she laughed until she cried.
She however did not admit to any prior personal knowledge of this method.

I Ain't Lying  Big Grin

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