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Ok, So you all know I really hate stupid people. I don't care about your heritage, colour, religion, sexual orientation, or non-orientation SO LONG AS YOU ARE NOT STUPID!!! 


I have read so many reviews and blogs and vblogs about this crap (sorry) only to see "But we don't use it for number two." 

First off Number 2...

Really? Saying taking a crap, dump, poo, shit, is somehow rude, offensive, or something we have to dumb it down to baby-talk? 

Reviewing a toilet without taking a shit in it is like reviewing a car without using the brakes. Goes really fast and handles well and so long as I keep turning left and don't run into steep mountains I can ke..........................


I mean really we are all human and we wake, drink coffee, and POOP! I want to do all of these things without talking to anyone I've not rubbed naughty bits with, and without getting dressed. What is the point of having a self-contained rig if you have to go searching for a poo location like a lactose intolerant cat processing a sardine milkshake? 

I have read numerous but we don't poop in it posts. Usually buried at the bottom someplace in the review. I loathe these creatures and I am plotting ways to embarrass them publically should we ever meet around a campfire. "Here is your toasted marshmallow. No No, don't eat it just squish it with your fingers and toss it in the bush." 

So this THREAD is for real PEOPLE that SHIT in their RV toilets!!

Cassette, porta, compost? Design, Brand. What works what doesn't. Pooping in a privacy tent with a bucket hassock doesn't cut it. Read the previous story ask Monkey Foot for pictures. 

Let's keep it real!!
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i've never used a rv toilet,just wanted to sign into my troll account
you gotta wash that thang,baby wipes or it aint getting clean and we all know what happens when it aint clean
Nunquam Non Paratus
Well...I have a c-head. I think it is the best solution.

And I do use it.

Being female, the issue of keeping solids and liquids separate is not a problem for me. I do not ever have anyone else in my rig using the facilities, so I cannot speak to the use by males. But, from what I see, they just go find a bush anyway.

It does not smell. I start out with a thin layer of coco core on the bottom. Make sure it is really totally dry, you are going to be using it to assist in the dehydration progress. I sprinkle a little pine shavings on the top after each use.

I get about 2-3 weeks use before I need to empty. Just dump it into a large plastic bag, and drop it off along with your trash. As I smell.

As for the urine....the bottle needs to be dumped. I get about 3 days between dumping. I find an area in a deep wash (or other place no one could camp) if I am out in the desert. On the road or in a camp...I take it to the local latrine. After each use..I spray with vinegar...this prevents a build up and makes cleaning just a quick wipe down.

What I really like about the black water tank to dump, no water required for use.

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I grew up on a farm around Sprint Car drivers. No starters, two gears  (fast and faster) four different size tires and they only turned left. 

Since you were unable to get out of it without help, no shit allowed.  Big Grin  

Bucket and bag, throne or Bush, I love my wipes. 

What is the subject anyway?
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(08-10-2018, 03:39 AM)GotSmart Wrote: What is the subject anyway?

Something about sardine milkshakes. 

FWIW, mine is a home built composting toilet. I love pooping in it. Not sure why. Maybe I just love a good poop.
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I use the toilet in my Roadtrek. Brand? Who knows. Yes, you have to clean it, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER TOILET. Of more importance is the black tank. It is only 10 gallon and I put in 3 gallons of water to start. I have tried different recommended chemicals and stuff. None of it worked for me. What does work, is to dump when I leave, add water and a bag of ice, and dump again when I arrive at my destination. No more problems with the black tank and the gauge shows empty. Oh, forget RV toilet paper. Overpriced garbage. I use Purex.
There is a comparison test of toilet papers done by some Escapees (in 2015, I think). I just took a quick glance for it, but did not find it. I will check again later when I have time.
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(08-10-2018, 03:39 AM)GotSmart Wrote: What is the subject anyway?

Bowel movements, I think. 


Oh, and in that regard, prune juice is helpful. REALLY!
Wondering about Wandering.
My awareness was raised after reading The Humanure Handbook, which is free to read online.
I'd been attempting to correct this mismanagement of valuable resources, though I haven't gotten that far on my project list of nomadic adventure preparations. Also, I'd been wondering if there are humanure composting sites (like black water disposal sites)? And I'm finding it difficult to believe that straw masks the odor since the horse barns I'd been to stink.

So, I started with my cat's feces. If successful, I would move on to a solution for human feces. My cat was retrained to use a litter box (previously toilet-trained). (To my dismay, I realized I'd been flushing cat pathogens down the toilet for years.) Sad

I experimented with an anaerobic fermentation system that was supposed to be odor-free. Despite following directions to-the-letter and many attempts, it continued to have a distinctive (nauseating) odor, and so, was discontinued.

Now, this thread has resurrected this experimental process, and I'll do more research.
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(08-10-2018, 06:50 AM)tx2sturgis Wrote: Oh, and in that regard, prune juice is helpful. REALLY!

Eat enough crayons and drink enough prune juice and you could spray paint your house.
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(08-10-2018, 09:00 AM)Motrukdriver Wrote: Eat enough crayons and drink enough prune juice and you could spray paint your house.

Big Grin LMAO!!!!
Wondering about Wandering.

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