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Quartzsite 2019
I am being delayed by a lost license and by a foot that blew up like a blimp after stepping on something. I am collecting all that is needed for the driver license except I haven't seen my Soc. Sec card in years. When I inquired years ago about replacing it SS told me that I didn't need it, I only needed to know the number and be able to prove who I am. In fact they would rather you not have it because it could be used for ID theft if I ever lost it.......yippy.

I have so many people waiting for installs that I think I will bail on the RTR after my last talk 5 days in.
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  • Queen (12-17-2018), GypsyDogs (12-18-2018)
Maybe you can organize the Just Jim Gathering and have folks come to you. Set up shop close to the RTR and everyone gets in line for their install. Probably get a hand full of helpers to make the installs go quick while you supervise and do the complex work. JJG - 2019... I can see it now up in lights on a marquee somewhere. They'll probably bring you cookies and donuts too...
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You can always do the work at YARC camp Jim
Holy crap

Not only did I get the drivers license replaced, they upgraded it to a real ID compliant version. Screw the Soc. Sec. Card, they said they needed it but I guess not. I was also worried about receiving it since I have never updated the address. No problem, I used the RV park I am in as a address and they are sending it to my mailing address who will forward it to me in the desert if I don't do a mail forwarding via the post office first.

I'm going to take care of the storage unit tomorrow and then it's time to pack this bitch up and head to the desert. I'd like to lighten the install load by a few before the RTR if I could.
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  • Cammalu (12-17-2018)
Jim, you could maybe try a hot water with Epsom salt bath for your foot?

That old remedy still works like crazy.
I did that the first night. I also spoke to the doctor about it and he said go for it. It will neither help nor hinder.

The meds are taking affect and it's getting better.

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