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Rain, rain, go away
I have been in N. Carolina (near Wilmington) for the last month.   Helping a friend.   

It has been raining here 2-4 times a day!   Every day for the last couple weeks.   
This is just like south Florida summer weather, except in Florida the soil is sand so the water disappears within 20 minutes after it stops.    Here, there is mud.  Mud.   Mud.   Garden is rotting and isn’t going to ever going to give us tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.    the fungus is rampant.  Also, the sun doesn’t come out betweeen rain events.  In Florida the sun comes back out and the sauna is oppressive.

I will be here for another 4 weeks.   Once my friends’ new help arrives, I head west.  I hope to miss the next hurricane.

I am going first to Asheville.  Visit friends there, then to Knoxville, TN...friends there.   By about mid September I am going due west on 40 ... Trying to escape the humidity.

One good thing about staying here so long in the rain....I found leaks I didn’t know I had...fixed them all (this has been a major stress test for waterproofing!).  Fixed a couple other problems including the intermittent fuel pump issue.    Found a coupler on the fan resister that was going bad...changed that and the fan relay.    I have been plugged in to shore power, and I have had the AC running constantly, so everything inside is dry.   

I am thinking I am not coming back east again.   The traffic, the humidity, the sheer number of people!  I think I developed into a bit of hermit last year in the desert.

I want to spend some time looking at land in the high country ... maybe above Albuquerque?   Just want to have a cooler place to be during summer months without zoning laws kicking me off.   I found a possible place, but it looks like the drive up maybe more than My rig can do.    I might hang out there and see what else is available.

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
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  • AbuelaLoca (07-29-2018)
Quack quack !
It's raining every day here too !
For me it's been either too hot or too wet to be doing things on my roof so......still some leaks.

I have also experienced the desert preference you mention..of course up here there is also snow to not miss anymore.
Stay Tuned

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With no rain here, the stumps I cut off at ground level keep riseing. I am ready to replace the chainsaw bar on my new saw. Already stretched out three chains. Back procedure this Friday I hope.
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  • heron (07-30-2018)
Yep, lots of rain in the east coast while fires burn up most of Cali... sad that the latest killer fire was deliberately set according to the news. Pyros...
If my body is ever found on a jogging trail, I was murdered somewhere else and dumped there. I don’t frequent such parts of town. 

Check this place out.  Northwest New Mexico.
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Getting rain here in Little Rock off and on. I'll be in Little Rock, AR for the next 8 months. So if your travels bring you through here I'll extend my same offer as I have to others to treat you to a free rv space for up to three days here at the KOA. I always look forward to meeting other nomads. I'll be working 12 hour days/ 6 days per week. Off on Sunday's. But come by any day and we'll hang out for a little bit. "Turn the key to be free ! "
been in the 90's for over a week here,97 today,wednesday it suppose to break and be in the high 80's
Kat, if you're close and you don't come through, I'll be mighty mad at you! At least think about driving through southern Missouri so I can meet up with you down in Mark Twain national Forest!
viajes seguros
It rained here today and more to come for Monday and Tuesday.

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